Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

What’s it like to be Puerto Rican?

Living in Germany for the past four years has taught me a lot about what it’s like to be Puerto Rican. Even though I haven’t lived in the island since 2007, the plantain stain, or mancha de plátano, as we call it, is in me, no matter how much I may try to hide it…. Read more »


How to Use Feedback to Improve your Writing

YthLast month, I gave some tips on how to give useful feedback to a writer. Today, I want to talk about how to receive that feedback and use it to make your work better. Receiving critical feedback is hard. You’ve worked hard on your manuscript, and now someone tells you all the reasons why it… Read more »


How to Give Useful Feedback to a Writer

All writers receive the same advice: you need to seek feedback on your work. It’s the only way to become a better writer. Starting out, I didn’t know any other writers, so I joined the online community Scribophile. For those of you who are not familiar with it, in order to post your work for… Read more »

  • career-road-away-way-of-life-success-road-sign

    What Does Success Mean to a Writer?

    I’m sure everyone who starts writing a novel, defines success as topping the best-seller lists and having their book made into a movie. The sad reality is that most of us will never get there. Does that mean we’ll fail as writers? If most of us won’t become the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling,… Read more »

  • Fearless/Less Fear necklace

    Querying, Giving up, and Starting Over

    I finished my novel in 2015. Then I started querying, got demotivated by rejections, and gave up. Now I’m ready to start over. While writing my novel, I followed all advice – learn about the craft, write every day, get feedback. I was positive I would make it. My novel would be a success. Then… Read more »

  • Christmas Market in Germany

    How to Survive in Germany Part 8: Christmas

    This is part of my ongoing series on surviving in Germany based on my own experiences. Today we will look at Christmas in Germany, which is rich in traditions. Many Christmas customs around the world originated in Germany, like the use of decorated trees and the tradition of Christmas markets. Below are 5 things to… Read more »

  • German Riesling Wine

    How to Survive in Germany Part 7: Drinks

    This is part of my ongoing series on surviving in Germany based on my own experiences. Today we’ll talk about typical drinks in Germany. Beer Everybody knows Germany for it’s beer and Oktoberfest. Curiously Germany is not the world’s top beer consumer. That title goes to the Czech Republic. Beer in Germany has to follow… Read more »

  • Mett Brötchen

    How to Survive in Germany Part 6: Food

    This is part of my ongoing series on surviving in Germany based on my experiences. Today we will focus on the food. Everybody knows German food includes sausages and sauerkraut, but there is so much more than that. Here’s a list of German staples and some of the weird food I’ve encountered. Bread Germany produces… Read more »

  • waste-container

    How to Survive in Germany Part 5: Recycling

    This is part of my ongoing series on surviving in Germany based on my own experiences. Recycling in Germany is an intrinsic part of the waste management system. No need to search for a collection area, just segregate and throw in the designated container. Sorting Recyclables are sorted into five groups: “recyclables” (plastic, tin cans,… Read more »