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How to Survive in Germany Part 9: Birthdays

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This is part of my ongoing series on surviving in Germany based on my own experiences. Just like every other country, Germany has it’s own birthday traditions. Here are 4 things that make birthdays in Germany unique. It’s bad luck to congratulate before the actual date Never wish a happy birthday to someone before the […]

On Being Creative and Taking Risks

On Being Creative and Taking Risks Post Image

I love learning about the creative process behind successful movies and books. Where did the ideas come from? Did the writers know their creation would become a big hit? Take Star Wars, for example. Everyone thought George Lucas was crazy, and no one working on the movie thought it would amount to much, and yet […]


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A prequel to ONE TOUGH COOKIE.

Karina Cortés grapples with her past, the concept of committed relationships, and the meaning of friendship during a destination wedding weekend in Puerto Rico.