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Singular Cookies, Inc.

Where every cookie has a personality of its own

So, what’s your cookie personality? Share your results below or on social media!

A graphic with a photo of a plate of cookies. Each cookie is labeled as (clockwise) Flirty, Active, Mellow, Perky, Bright. Above the photo, a text box reads "What's Your Cookie Personality?" Below another text box reads "Take the Quiz,


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  1. My hat’s off to you, Delise. Not only do you have a knack for writing, but you also have superb marketing skills.
    I hope you have an idea for a second book.

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Singular Cookies, Inc. is featured in the foodie women’s fiction, ONE TOUGH COOKIE, where you can also find the recipes for all the Singular Cookies.

A 3D rendition of the cover for ONE TOUGH COOKIE

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A prequel to ONE TOUGH COOKIE.

Karina Cortés grapples with her past, the concept of committed relationships, and the meaning of friendship during a destination wedding weekend in Puerto Rico.