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One Tough Cookie

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Published by: Alcove Press
Release Date: July 18, 2023
ISBN: 9781639103782

A Latina Fleabag committed to her carefree single life meets the sexy new mechanic determined to break through her defenses, in this humorous and heartfelt foodie womens fiction set at a cookie company.

All cookies are made with love—even if twenty-seven-year-old Karina Cortés doesn’t believe in the concept. For her, a simple life with no attachments is a good life. And her life is indeed good—even with her biggest accomplishment being passing the GED exam. Karina is able to secure an incredible and well-paying job at Singular Cookies, Inc., a small family-owned cookie manufacturing plant in Fort Pierce, Florida. And although the founders of the company treat her like family, Karina insists she doesn’t need or want one. Not after her mother chose a man over her own daughter, pushing the young Karina to move out and make it on her own.

And she couldn’t be happier with her single life, unlike her friends, whose lives revolve around men.

Work and play collide when she meets the company’s hot new mechanic, Ian Feliciano, who stirs up feelings she tends to avoid. Karina knows she shouldn’t date him, but she’s strong; she’ll never turn pathetic like her friends or, especially, her mom. And with a looming plant inspection and trying to break-up the CEO’s new romance, Karina has enough to distract herself.

As the inspection draws near and Karina battles her heart, she’ll have to decide whether to continue holding on to deeply ingrained beliefs that keep everyone at bay, or learn that love is not as dangerous as she fears and in the end, it is our history—our singular recipe—that shapes how we live.

Advance Praise

Sharp and voicey, ONE TOUGH COOKIE is a fast read, making you crave cookies as it delves into Karina's world at a cookie plant. Karina is snarky and sassy, a unique heroine searching for what she really wants. A charming debut!

ONE TOUGH COOKIE is a snappy debut filled with complex characters and the struggles of a growing business. The cookie-factory setting heats up with plenty of romance and a brazen heroine, who isn’t afraid of her sexuality. There’s a little Karina in all of us.

“Original, witty and entertaining with strong romcom vibes, ONE TOUGH COOKIE explores what happens when we let the hard external layer protecting us crumble just a little.”


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