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What to Get Your Anti-Romantic Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day

What to get your Anti-Romantic Sweetheart for Valentine's Day

Are you a romantic at heart? Do you love Valentine’s Day? You’re probably the type of person who has been waiting for your soulmate, so that you can celebrate this special day with them and lavish them with love. But what if your soulmate hates Valentine’s Day? Even worse, what if they’re allergic to the word “romance”? Do you just throw your hands up and resign yourself to let Valentine’s Day pass you by without celebrating it? If this is you, then read on to learn what to get your anti-romantic sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

A home-cooked meal

Who doesn’t love to eat? Your sweetheart probably won’t want to go out and be caught celebrating this awful holiday, but who says you can’t stay in? Treat them to their favorite meal. If you don’t know how to cook and you learn just for them, imagine your sweetheart’s reaction. They’ll melt at the first taste.

Their favorite chocolate and/or candy

Most everyone loves sweets, so the chances of them refusing this type of gift are zero to none. Treat them to their favorite chocolate or candy. Just don’t choose anything having to do with the holiday, no heart-shaped anything. Just a genuine gift of something they like to sweeten their day.

A massage or a hot bath

After a hard day at work, surrounded by people talking about this damned holiday, your sweetheart will probably swoon at the idea of a hot bath to release the stresses of the day. Throw in a massage and watch them soften in your hands.

Their sexual fantasy

Once they’ve relaxed, why not continue and fulfill their top sexual fantasy. Show them you love them by becoming a sex god. They’ll be thanking their lucky stars that they found you.

A special drink

If all else fails, throw in some alcohol. Wine, beer, champagne, or a favorite cocktail. Toast to being together today and every day.

I hope this gives you hope that not all is lost and you can celebrate this special day with your sweetheart. In the end, we all want to know we’re special to someone. Even if we’re anti-romantic, we all want love. Show your sweetheart you love them, that you’re attuned to their needs, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll convert them into a romantic.

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What to Get Your Anti-Romantic Sweetheart for Valentine's Day

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