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Learn about my culture and heritage

Typical Drinks in Puerto Rico

Here are some typical drinks that you’ll find in Puerto Rico to keep you cool and refreshed! Piña Colada Did you know that piña colada

On Being a Puerto Rican Expat

An essay version of this post appears on The Caribbean Writer, Volume 34: Dignity, Power, and Place in the Caribbean Space. This week saw a

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Short Stories

Single, Not Alone - A Short Story

Single, not Alone: A Short Story

Below is a short story based on themes explored in my debut, ONE TOUGH COOKIE. It is included as a chapter in the novel, but here, it’s from the perspective of Marisa, one

The Jealousy Game - A Short Story

The Jealousy Game: A Short Story

Below is a short story I entered to the 2018 Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition. The challenge was to use the first and last lines from another story and make them your own.

On Writing

Tips on writing and traditional publishing

My Top Writing Resources Post Image

My Top Writing Resources

When I started writing, I was a pantser before knowing that word existed. I wrote what came to mind. But later I learned about structure

How I Got My First Book Deal Post Image

How I Got My First Book Deal

After two books and six years, I finally got a book deal! My debut novel, ONE TOUGH COOKIE, comes out on July 18. Here’s how

How I Got My Agent

How I Got My Agent

I’ve read so many of these posts and now I finally get to write one! Here’s the story of how I got my agent, plus


Life Lessons and Musings

The Faith To Keep Going Post Image

The Faith to Keep Going

Note: This essay originally appeared on the Writer Fairys website on September 24, 2019. Since that website has ceased to exist, I’m posting it here

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A woman who lives for her husband is confronted with how lost she is while he’s away on a business trip.