Short Stories

The Jealousy Game

The Jealousy Game Cover

A devoted wife waits for a phone call from her cheating husband as proof of his love in order to decide whether or not to sleep with her ex-boyfriend. A story about betrayal and using jealousy as the ultimate aphrodisiac.

 “The jealousy keeps our marriage running. It’s how I keep him interested, how I keep the spark between us.”

Single, not Alone

Single, not Alone Cover
Photo by Murilo Folgosi from Pexels

After her boyfriend totals her car while drunk, a woman afraid to be alone must choose whether to continue in a bad relationship or put herself first and face her fears head-on.

Every choice she made was for him, about him, because of him. It was about time she put herself first. If only she could find the strength to do it.