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How to Survive in Germany Part 4: Buying Groceries

This is Part 4 in my continuing series of surviving in Germany based on my own experiences. Today we’ll discuss doing groceries. You’d think buying groceries in Germany wouldn’t be such a big deal that it needs its own article but that’s not the case. In Germany things are never as easy as they seem, […]

How to Survive in Germany Part 3: Renting an Apartment

Renting an Apartment in Germany Post Image

 This is Part 3 in my continuing series on surviving in Germany based on my experiences. Now that you’ve mastered the language and found a job, the next step is to rent an apartment. The process of renting an apartment in Germany is pretty similar to the US: you look online or through the classified […]


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A prequel to ONE TOUGH COOKIE.

Karina Cortés grapples with her past, the concept of committed relationships, and the meaning of friendship during a destination wedding weekend in Puerto Rico.