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How I Wrote my Successful Query Letter

How I Wrote My Successful Query Letter

Querying is hard! And us writers need to not only write a novel but also learn how to write a query. Here, I want to share some tips on how I wrote my successful query letter (I have an agent!). I started working on my query letter right after I finished the first draft for […]


How I Wrote ONE TOUGH COOKIE Post Image

Update January, 2023: I changed the title of this post to reflect that my second novel eventually became my debut novel, ONE TOUGH COOKIE. In 2016, I completed my first novel ever, PULLING ME BACK IN (I wrote a post about how I did it) not really knowing what I was doing, learning as I […]


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A prequel to ONE TOUGH COOKIE.

Karina Cortés grapples with her past, the concept of committed relationships, and the meaning of friendship during a destination wedding weekend in Puerto Rico.