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The Singularity of Cookies

WIP Avoiding Love Aesthetic
Office photo from Joey Sforza on Unsplash. All other photos from Pexels.

Status: In Revision

At Singular Cookies, Inc., cookies are like people, each with their own personality.

Twenty-seven-year-old Karina Cortés works as a production floor supervisor at the small cookie manufacturing plant in Fort Pierce, Florida. It’s a well-paying job for a high-school dropout whose only achievement is passing a GED.

Leaving school was a no-brainer but she didn’t plan on leaving home. That was her mom’s doing. Choosing a man over a daughter was the ultimate betrayal, especially after teaching Karina to not depend on others, that love is a weakness. But her life was better for it. Her brief stint as a maid brought her in contact with Singular’s founders, and they treat her like family, even though Karina has no need for one.

And she couldn’t be happier with her single life. Casual sex is her specialty but the company’s hot new mechanic stirs up feelings she’d rather avoid. Karina knows she shouldn’t date him but she’s strong; she won’t become pathetic like her friends or her mom. As Karina battles her heart, she’ll have to decide whether to continue holding on to deeply ingrained beliefs that keep everyone at bay, or learn that love is not as dangerous as she fears. It is our history—our singular recipe—that shapes how we want to live.

Pulling Me Back In

Pulling Me Back In Aesthetic
Photos from Pexels

Status: In Revision

Gwen Prescott had her life figured out by the age of eight: she would work as a museum curator and marry her best friend, Jeff Crawford. There was nothing Gwen wouldn’t do for Jeff. She lost her virginity to him, defied her parents when they tried to keep them apart, put up with Jeff sleeping around, and almost gave up her dream college to run away with him. And in return, Jeff refused to take her with him and left her behind, never contacting her again.

Now twenty-four, Gwen is a gallery curator in NYC, convinced her love for Jeff was only an illusion; an unhealthy fixation fueled by hormones and adolescent fantasies. And yet, she’s still unable to let go.

After a chance encounter puts Jeff in her path, the pull she always felt for him—that need she could never fight or quite define—takes over. As Gwen rekindles her relationship with Jeff, she reverts to the naïve, submissive girl she used to be. But in order to have the happy ending she always dreamed of, Gwen will have to learn to stand up to Jeff and ask for what she wants—even if it means losing him—or keep living for his needs and desires at the expense of her own.