My Writing Journey

Official Photo of Romantic Women's Fiction Author Delise Torres


I never thought of becoming a writer.

I didn’t even think of myself as creative. I was the shy, quiet girl. The nerd. I did have one talent, though. I loved to sing and even dreamed of becoming a professional singer. But I believed that in order to make it you either had to have an amazing voice like Whitney Houston or Celine Dion, or the ability to write your own songs. And since I didn’t, I decided to follow a more practical road.

So I became a scientist and even got a PhD. And I would’ve continued on that path if life hadn’t had other plans for me. I met a German man, fell in love, and moved to Germany. With my education and experience, I should’ve been able to find a job, right? But I didn’t. After three years of trying, I finally gave up.

During that time, I thought about my life and the choices I’d made. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, but what was I supposed to do now? In this introspective state, I turned to writing. It began with journaling and expressing my feelings on paper. Then I considered writing a memoir. And then it turned into writing a story.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve carried stories in my head. Romantic stories based on the telenovelas I grew up with. I used to dramatize them with my Barbie dolls. The stories morphed into wondering about relationships, trying to imagine a world beyond mine. I daydreamed about them and used them as an escape from my dreary life. I thought I was a freak, never realizing those people in my head were characters trying to come to life.

I didn’t believe I could write a novel; I thought it would be too difficult. But when I started, I couldn’t stop. Could it be that I was always meant to be a writer? Is that the reason I had to go through all the struggles? I’m still not completely sure. All I know is that I’m loving the journey. I’m happy to have discovered this new creative side. I hope you’ll come along with me on this ride towards becoming a published author and sharing my stories with the world.

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